Thursday, November 15, 2012

More Petr, More Poem

Here are a couple pictures of one of Petr's latest works (check out this man's engraving skills!!!), along with my latest poem. This one tells a story of a Danelaw era battle between the Northumbrians and the Danes, where a blade like this one might well have been used.

Mighty were the men     who marshaled their strength
against the heathens,     greedy for slaughter.
The Sea-Danes struck,     strong and fearsome,
with sharpened spearpoints,     shield-bearing fighters.
But the hearts of the Angles     are hardy and steadfast.
Boldly one thane     brandished his war-knife.
It was sorely suited     to sit in a corner,
rusting and pitting     to ruin and frailty
while its cowardly master     succumbed to old age.
Its food was the flesh     of fell opponents
and it hungered fast     for the heathen earl.
It bit his neck     and his blood flowed forth.
The raiders were broken,     bereft of their captain,
and yelling aloud     "Jarlabani" they cried.
The northmen so named     that knife of the thane
that had won the field     for the weary Angles
and had so well     upheld their rule.

Copyright © 2012 Myles Mulkey
Images courtesy of Petr Florianek (

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