Sunday, December 23, 2012

Hunting Knife

This knife was made as a Christmas gift for a local hunter, commissioned by his wife. The blade features a hamon, or quench line, showcasing the steel's differential hardening. The sheath is made from a single piece of leather folded around and stitched up the side. The handle is made from local maple with an antler bolster and is decorated with a Viking Age motif taken from a runestone from the Isle of Man. The carving is (to my mind at least) my best, cleanest work so far.


- File steel blade
- Antler and maple handle, lightly treated with "boat soup"
- 3.25" blade length
- 7.75" overall length
- Vegetable tanned, naturally dyed leather sheath

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  1. It's really amazing knife. Thanks for sharing with us great blog. I also like the designs on the handle of the knife.
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