Monday, May 27, 2013

Frontier Puukko

This knife was made as a birthday gift for my fiancée's nine year old cousin. He really wanted a handmade knife with a rustic feel, specifically with an antler handle and his first initial carved on one side. I chose to make a scandi-ground, puukko style blade with the forged finish left on. The blade is held in place with homemade cutler's resin and secured with a brass pin. I wanted the overall package to have a sort of American frontier feel; something suitable to carry around the woods and pastures of our county. I hope he enjoys it for many years.


- Rough-forged Aldo's 1085 blade
- Rough antler and maple handle
- measurements to come shortly
- Vegetable tanned, naturally dyed leather sheath with integral belt loop

Friday, May 24, 2013

Into The Wilderness

My friend Petr recently made a Tolkien-inspired Ranger kit. Every part of this set is alive with his original take on Middle Earth folk art. He wanted a poem to go along with it, and I chose to do one in an Anglo-Saxon style. It speaks of a man, maybe a Ranger of Arnor, traveling alone in the wilderness, feeling unsafe, but using his skills and the gear he carries to survive the night and continue his wanderings when the morning comes. I hope you enjoy it.

Few nights have found me
by the fire in a hall,
a cup in my hand
and kinsmen nearby.
Far have I fared
through forests unknown
where sleep comes uneasy
as I stare in the dark.
Will I wake to the bite
of some beast in the night?
Or the calling of crows
on the cool morning air,
and dawn's bright glow
driving my fear?
I must trust my fate
to my fire and cover,
and when I wake
I will wander again
into the unknown,
into the wilderness.

Copyright © 2013 Myles Mulkey
Images courtesy of Petr Florianek (