Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Pocket Knife, A New Handle For An Old Blade, And A Sneaky Peaky

New pocket knife, small and overly thin but I will use it to clean my nails with, whittle, etc. Maple handle, mild steel insert, wrought iron spine, recycled coil spring edge steel.

The handle for my first folding knife broke, turns out this design with the hinge pin and the stop pin so close together is not a good one. It creates too much stress on too little area of wood. I went with oak this time, hopefully it will hold up a little better. Supporting the spine of the knife with my thumb more will also help reduce the forward stress on the stop pin.

Sneak peak at one of my three groomsmen knives that are in the works. Wrought iron spine with 1084 edge steel. These will also feature my makers mark, seen here prior to the final polish and etch.


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