Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Some Quick And Dirty Work

Here are a couple of quickly forged items that have been left rough with no polishing. The spear has an unwelded socket in the Anglo-Saxon style, and it's overall form is inspired by Petersen Type K spears, though it does not follow this exactly. It was forged from mild steel and was lightly carburized on the outside surface of the steel, but this does not appear to have gone very deeply. Just tinkering. The "polish" is just a light scraping-off of the burnt oil with a coarse file. The shaft is a maple stave cut last year that I straightened with the heat of a bonfire, and it has been seasoning indoors since. The hinges are inspired by those from the Mästermyr chest, which will adorn a similarly inspired pine chest in the future. Humble enough objects, but I enjoyed making them as I always do. And it was nice to be able to forge them and be done with them without having to spend so much time in the later stages of work. All in all, very fun and refreshing to make.