Saturday, June 27, 2015

Pocket Knife & A Ring

Not much activity lately! These two items were made a while back and I'm just getting around to posting the images. This knife was made as a birthday gift for my wife's young cousin. This time he wanted a folding pocket knife, which I've been getting into lately. It's a simple friction folder with an oak handle. This was another quick one, but it's got a great little heft to it, and I hope he enjoys it.


- Aldo's 1085 blade
- Oak handle with some traces of medullary activity
- Measurements are long forgotten haha

I also made a very simple silver wire ring inspired by an Anglo Saxon example at the British Museum. These are pretty fun and easy to make, and when using dead soft wire, you can do most of it with your fingers.

Thanks for reading! I'll have some free time to devote to this type of work very soon, and more posts will follow.